• Harry: ah this guy Ron, he's quite nice, I'll make him my friend
  • Harry: da hell is this Hermione speaking about
  • Harry: ooooh Ron and Hermione are totally going to fall in love it's written all over their faces okay I ship it
  • Harry: now that she's our friend it's gonna be easier to have them getting together
  • Harry: omg Ron you perfect human being vomiting slugs for Hermione I can't
  • Harry: Hermione ugh why are you petrified like Ron's heart breaking and wHAT ABOUT MY SHIPPER FEELS
  • Harry: damn you Hermione why did you have to buy a cat now Ron won't talk to you and I have a bet on you I so do NOT want to give Malfoy 10 Sickles - he said you wouldn't get together before the end of seventh year but I HAVE FAITH IN YOU OKAY YOU CAN DO IT SOONER
  • Harry: hey Ron you could take Hermione to the Yule Ball
  • Harry: shit fuck you Krum
  • Harry: omg you've been in Grimmauld Place alone for days please tell me you fucked or at least snogged
  • Harry: damn you're not helping me there
  • Harry: Hermione da fuck? McLaggen? Really? REALLY?
  • Harry: omg I give up my OTP is a doomed ship
  • Harry: woah lbr here Ron getting poisonned sucks but LOOK AT THEM OKAY I'M BACK ON THIS SHIP AND DETERMINED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN
  • Harry: ... wow Ron how are you going to get the girl if you leave her in a tent in the middle of nowhere?
  • Harry: omfg Hermione have you heard him with the ball of light omfg like look if I were you I'd snog him hell I'm not you and I still want to snog him
  • Harry: ugh Ron stop shouting Hermione's name like this I mean my shipper hEART IS KILLING ME AND I NEED TO FIND A WAY OUT OF THIS MANOR
  • Harry: omg
  • Harry: omg
  • Harry: omg
  • Harry: was about damn time
  • Malfoy: yeah about that
  • Malfoy: that's ten sickles for you Potter
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